Tizen: The newest mobile OS launching in 2013

According to an article in Japan‘s Daily Yomiuri, we finally have confirmation of a developing program that has been whispered on the internet known as project “œTizen“. It comes from Japan‘s largest mobile communication company, NTT Docomo Inc., and is being developed to compete against the all dominant Android and iOS platforms.
The first Tizen devices will come to market some time in 2013, most likely near year-end. Docomo is developing the Linux-based and Intel-backed OS with its partners, hoping to take a bigger slice of the market in years to come. Of the three major telecoms companies in Japan, Docomo is the only one that does not sell iPhones. Reportedly, the first devices will be launched in Japan “œand other countries around the same time“.
Interesting, we already know which company is jumping on the Tizen bandwagon first to release its own devices with the newest OS. Would you care to hazard a guess? Yes, it‘s Samsung, who is also helping in the development of Tizen.
I don‘t know about you, but I can‘t help but get excited about the mobile device market in the year to come. Other than Android and iOS, we also have Windows Phone 8 starting to show its metal and the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 is to launch within the month. Throw another player into the mix, and we sure are in for a topsy-turvy ride this year. Let‘s enjoy!