Meet Magnetic: Everything your business needs to function efficiently

Kuhnet, Marcus and Pickard from Cape Town didn’t start out as the typical garage office rags to riches story, but they soon found themselves resigning from high paying jobs and shifting all focus to what they believed was and is their future.
Enter Magnetic ““ A cloud based end-to-end Business Management Tool that focuses on CRM, Sales Opportunities, Project Management, Accounts & Human Resource Management ““ everything your business needs to function efficiently.
Most companies today have realized the need for systems to manage their customers and tasks; however the problem they face is using systems that focus on only one of these verticals. This means companies use three or four systems to manage their business, driving up both cost and complexity.

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This is where Magnetic comes in, as an end-to-end business management tool, that caters for all verticals. As for the benefits Magnetic saves you money, reduces the time needed for training as all training happens on one platform and the sexy and intuitive interface is simple to use.
Magnetic has also focused significantly on automating many of the mundane time consuming tasks. For instance through integration with your email they automatically build up and more importantly maintain your CRM database by picking up phone numbers and addresses from email signatures.

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Magnetic has been on the market for just over a year and already boasts an impressive list of clients. With a seasoned entrepreneurial founding team, the guys are certainly set to go places.
As for the team’s background and experience, Korak Kuhnert was dev manager at Grapevine Interactive, Jan Pickard was a product manger at the Naspers group and Daniel Marcus built the Integrated Marketing Communications Conference series. The focus thus far has been on South Africa with an international launch planned for early next year.
Magnetic competes locally with Chase Software and internationally with competitors in each vertical such as BaseCamp, Freshbooks and SalesForce. They offer a free account up to three users, there after the basic package is R150 per user per month.
For more about Magnetic check out the company blog here.