Turning Robotics unveils the 'unbreakable' Turing Phone

If the name Tesla Motors captures the imagination, Turing Robotics (so named after enigma-code cracking mathematician Alan Turing) should do too.
The fledgling company unveiled its flagship device yet, simply named the Turing Phone. The principle behind the handset is that it is to represent a new age in smartphone history – beginning by both being unhackable and unbreakable, or so Turing Robotics claims.
The Turing Phone is, at its core, a 5.5″ Android 5.1 Lollipop smartphone which is powered by a Snapdragon 801 processor, and carries 3GBs of RAM as well as 16, 64, or 128GBs of storage. The Turing Phone sports a 13 megapixel primary camera, and an 8 megapixel front-facing snapper.
What makes the Turing Phone distinctive is the device’s use of high-grade material; the handset is constructed out of liquidmorphium – which, for the uninitiated in metallurgy, is a strong metal that bears 1.5 times the strength of titanium.

The Turing Phone is constructed out of liquidmorphium

With its space age liquidmorphium shell, the Turing Phone is designed to withstand a serious knock and survive with nary a scratch. Additionally, the Turing Phone has an IPX8 certification, meaning that it would be able to withstand a depth of just under 10 feet for over two hours.
The Turing Phone also arrives with a side fingerprint sensor, as well as a mag-safe power adaptor as most prominently seen on Apple’s MacBook range.
On the software front, the Turing Phone is designed to be inaccessible to anyone with malevolent intentions – the device features end-to-end encryption with a security key handling access.
The Turing Phone’s design is inspired by science fiction space vessels

According to Turing Robotics CEO Syl Chao, the Turing Phone is meant to represent an evolution over the current crop of smartphones, and in essence is what he dubs a “cipher phone”.
Turing Robotics are aiming for a limited release in the United States later this year, which will only see an estimated 10,000 units shipped. The Turing Phone is expected to be priced at a premium $610 USD.