You can now use Google Now to dictate WhatsApp messages

The new Google Now update allows you to dictate and send WhatsApp messages hands-free.

The latest Google Now update brings even more inter-app functionality. It will allow you to dictate and send messages through a number of popular third-party messaging apps including sending WhatsApp messages. The company recently announced the new feature in a company blog post. Thrid party apps like WeChat, Viber, Telegram, and NextPlus are the other initial third-party services that Google Now will be able to send messages through. Simply say “Ok Google, send a WhatsApp message to Jaco,” and Google will render and send the message through the proper service.
Check out the GIF explanation below:

Google Now Whats App gif

The new feature only currently supports English, but Google has stated that they are working on adding other languages in the near future. This update is the latest step to transform Google Now into the most sophisticated digital assistant on the market. Google’s innovations with Google Now are coming in much faster than either Microsoft or Apple can do with Cortana and Siri respectively.
The two Google competitors will have to step up their game for them not to become obsolete in the future…
Source: TheVerge
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