Facebook introduces celebrity live streaming

If you happen to be both exceedingly famous and reading this, you’re in for some good news: Facebook unveiled a new live video streaming service that yesterday, named Live, that allows users to view live broadcasts from popular musicians, athletes, actors, and influencers.
Facebook’s aim with the introduction of the service is to bolster interactions between noteworthy celebrities and their fanbase. Live made its debut through Facebook Mentions – a companion app created by the social network with the express intent of making contact between high-profile individuals easier than through the core Facebook app.
For regular users of the social network, live videos created by noteworthy celebrities will display in the News Feed – similarly to other content types such as photos or status posts – and can be streamed from there.
Users who aren’t available to watch a live event as it occurs won’t be out of luck; a saved version will automatically be added to the relevant celebrity’s Facebook page for viewing at a later time. Users will additionally be able to see which other celebrities or friends on the social network are viewing the broadcast, and will be able to write and post comments in real time.
Live comes arguably as a reactionary move against the ever-growing popularity of Snapchat – a video and photo messaging application, for the uninitiated, which, while not offering live video, does see celebrity use – and to date marks the latest move by Facebook to broadly supplement interactions between celebrities and their fan bases in real-time.
While Facebook is presently both rolling out the new feature as well as encouraging celebrities to use it, the social network has so far seen live streams from Serena Williams, Martha Stewart, Michael Bublé, and Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.