Galaxy Note 5 users get their S-Pens "stuck"

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phablet has arrived to much fanfare across the mobile market. One of the new revamped features of the Note 5 is the S-Pen, that can now be stowed away flush inside the phone, retrieved by means of a spring-loaded mechanism. As the Galaxy Note 5 sells across the world (at a mighty pace we must add) more and more users are starting to complain about their S-Pens getting stuck, inside the holder – upside down.
While it may seem obvious to you and me that the S-Pen shouldn’t be stowed away with the pointy end sticking out, we know that if there is one guy out there who managed to do it there might be a few thousand who will. From users getting distracted, to simply acting out of curiosity, there are a number of situations where we can imagine Note 5 owners might end up trying to stow their S Pens the wrong way. And to hear a growing number of reports on user forums, it‘s perilously easy for the S Pen to get stuck like that. What’s more is that many users have reported that the pen-detection feature can break should the S-Pen get stuck like this.
The big problem is that getting the S-Pen out isn’t really something you can fix on your own (well without being able to safely open the phone, thereby voiding the warranty), you will have to get to an accredited Samsung repair store to help you out. This really should be a non-issue but it seems like there are people hell bent on doing stupid things. Anyway if you have a Note 5, be careful hey!
Source: PocketNow
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