HTC once again haemorrhages money in Q3 results

We are only a couple of weeks away from HTC‘s next big launch event, where we‘re likely to see the release of the device we‘ve been calling the HTC One A9. Early rumours point towards this device being quite a bit short of the flagship specs we‘ve come to expect, but we would wager HTC has a lot riding on this device.
In the months following the launch of the HTC One M9, we were optimistic HTC would turn around their performance with a great device. That didn‘t happen, though, with a quarterly loss in the Q2 financial results. Once again, it doesn‘t seem that the company have turned things around.
HTC have posted a loss of $138 million, which to be fair is better than the $300 million it lost in the previous quarter. But things are now starting to look dangerously close to bankruptcy, and the company needs to do something. They hope that with the advent of the HTC One A9 they will be able to compete in a very full mid-tier market, where companies are making most of their money.
Not only have HTC posted another big loss, their revenues before expenses are sharply down as well. They were only able to generate about half of what they did in the same quarter in 2014. It undoubtedly places the company in a difficult position, and they need a blockbuster device very soon to step out of financial troubles.
Source: Wall Street Journal
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