Get a "free" Apple Watch with Discovery Vitality

Free you say? Surely there has to be a catch? There is no way anybody would give a way a smartwatch, especially not on as expensive as the Apple Watch (starting at R5,900 ZAR)? You are definitely right, there is a catch, but one I am sure most active people (or those not so active that need motivation) can live with. Discovery Vitality has recently announced a new rewards program that sees customers pay for their Apple Watch by simply exercising.
Apple-watch-discovery-startThis for me is a “kill two birds with one stone” situation. I am always looking for some type of motivation to exercise and I have wanted to get my hands on an Apple Watch for some time. This deal solves both those issues. Here is a statement from the Vitality website on how this new rewards program works.
“Vitality Active Rewards gives Vitality members weekly rewards for getting active. Now you can get Apple Watch and use it to achieve your weekly Vitality Active Rewards goals. If you meet all four of your weekly fitness goals in a month, your monthly amount for your Apple Watch will be funded in full.”
That’s right. If you reach your weekly and ultimately your monthly goals for 24 months you would have received your Apple Watch for free (and be a more fit and active person!). This is probably the best “make you exercise” deals I have seen as you will feel it in your pocket should you not meet your exercise goal for the week. Here is a breakdown of how the payment structure works:Apple-watch-discovery-works
The deal has a few terms and conditions though. You won’t be able to get the gold Apple Watch Edition, you will have to settle for the 38mm Sport edition. You can opt to upgrade to a better model, but you will have to pay in the difference (anything over R5,899 ZAR). You also have to fork out R350 ZAR to activate this deal, and you have to be a valid Discovery Card holder (as your method of payment). Looking at the last two requirements you can see how Discovery plans to make their money back (apart from relying on some of your laziness and not meeting your weekly fitness goal). But if you are already a Discovery Card holder and plan to be more active over the next 24 months, this deal is a no-brainer. Here are some of the need to knows:Apple-watch-discovery-know
I intend to activate this program over the weekend. We will have to wait and see how it goes (I might post some feedback articles in the future to let you know how it is working out). Are you going to take up this deal? Let us know in the comment section below…
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