You can now request an Uber from Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger has begun rolling out a new feature which will allow users to request an Uber from within the app.

While Uber has meet consistent praise for its convenience, a new partnership with Facebook Messenger is set to make requesting a ride even easier.
The social network’s chat service has begun testing a new feature called Transportation on Facebook Messenger, which allows users to request, receive updates and pay for a ride without needing to leave the app.
Uber is so far the service’s first partner; Messenger users to recieve an address in a chat will be able to tap on the location and request an Uber from within the app.
Alternatively, users will be able to select ‘Transportation’ from the ‘More’ menu button to request a ride.
Uber will provide updates through notes on Messenger, and will display in-chat updates in situations where you’ve requested a ride to head to a location a friend has shared.
Users who test the feature for the first tme will recieve $20 USD in ride credit for a limited time.
The news forms part of Facebook’s latest efforts to spearhead the Messenger Platform as the newest extension of the social network.
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Image source: Entrepeneuer