Mark Zuckerberg aiming to build his own AI assistant

Mark Zuckerberg is planning to become a real life Tony Stark in 2016

As is the case almost every year, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has set himself some lofty goals for 2016. In the past he has set goals like learning Mandarin, but this should surely be one of his most difficult yet.
This year he is planning to write his own artificial intelligence to both run his home and help out around the office. It would pretty much be the Jarvis to his Tony Stark. The first objective will be to incorporate voice control throughout his house, which will then be expanded into various smart applications. For example, he wants to use facial detection into a smart door that will automatically let friends in.
We are extremely interested to see how far he will come this year, as there are whole companies dedicated to this sort of thing. He might even step on some of their toes in the process.

The first objective will be to incorporate voice control throughout his house, which will then be expanded into various smart applications

This doesn‘t mean that Facebook will be standing still at all, though. They will be busy as ever in the coming months, after successfully launching some new products and features in the last couple of months. In November 2015 they launched Notify, a push notification app to rival Twitter. They have also announced intentions to beam free internet to Africa.
See the whole statement from Mark Zuckerberg below:
“œEvery year, I take on a personal challenge to learn new things and grow outside my work at Facebook. My challenges in recent years have been to read two books every month, learn Mandarin and meet a new person every day.
My personal challenge for 2016 is to build a simple AI to run my home and help me with my work. You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man.
I’m going to start by exploring what technology is already out there. Then I’ll start teaching it to understand my voice to control everything in our home — music, lights, temperature and so on. I’ll teach it to let friends in by looking at their faces when they ring the doorbell. I’ll teach it to let me know if anything is going on in Max’s room that I need to check on when I’m not with her. On the work side, it’ll help me visualize data in VR to help me build better services and lead my organizations more effectively.
Every challenge has a theme, and this year’s theme is invention.
At Facebook I spend a lot of time working with engineers to build new things. Some of the most rewarding work involves getting deep into the details of technical projects. I do this with when we discuss the physics of building solar-powered planes and satellites to beam down internet access. I do this with Oculus when we get into the details of the controllers or the software we’re designing. I do this with Messenger when we discuss our AI to answer any question you have. But it’s a different kind of rewarding to build things yourself, so this year my personal challenge is to do that.
This should be a fun intellectual challenge to code this for myself. I’m looking forward to sharing what I learn over the course of the year.“
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