The LG G5 could sport a metal body and removable battery

New rumours surrounding LG’s forthcoming flagship indicate that a metal LG G5 might carry a unique removable battery.

We’re greatly looking forward to the release of the LG G5 this year, and while the device might not carry a rollable OLED display as we’ve seen at CES, new speculation points to the fact that a metal LG G5 could surface soon with a removable battery.
The LG G4 was one of only a few flagships to release in 2015 with a removable battery, something we were delighted about in our LG G4 review.
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A sequel G5 might not only continue to include a removable battery, but introduce a new way to easily access it; through a slide-out tray at the bottom to the device, leaving the rear cover in place.
Reports indicate that the LG G5 would use retainer clips to open the phone’s bottom phone and subsequently pull out the battery.

metal LG G5
A render as produced by Matt Kim of CNET Korea.

Presumably, a metal LG G5 would arrive with ports intact upon the bottom panel – with a USB Type C port occupying that position a strong possibility.
What are your thoughts? Should LG change the G series formula with a unique removable battery and metal body? Or should the company stick to its guns with stylish leather?
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