Donald Trump promises to force Apple to manufacture in the US

US Presidential Candidate Donald Trump has promised voters that he intends to force Apple to manufacture in the US if he should win the election.

We’ve been having a quiet chuckle at Donald Trump for all the wrong reasons at Bandwidth Blog Headquarters, and the Presidential Candidate’s latest statement takes aim at the tech realm: if elected, Trump promises to force Apple to manufacture in the US.
Trump, the leading Republican candidate, wants not only to “win, win, win“, as stated in a speech at Liberty University in Virginia, but also to place an enormous tariff on goods coming from China.
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One company this would impact greatly would be Apple, whom Trump targeted in his latest address. “We’re going to get Apple to build their damn computers and things in this country instead of in other countries.”
Presently, Apple’s Mac Pro is the only product the company manufactures inside the US.
Trump has previously spoken on Apple’s outside manufacturing policies – while promoting his 2012 book, Crippled America, the businessman stated that “We have to bring Apple — and other companies like Apple — back to the United States. We have to do it. And that’s one of my real dreams for the country, to get … them back. We have a great capacity in this country.”
If Trump has his way, the resulting markup will likely require one to have the Presidential Candidate’s wealth just to purchase an iPhone.
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