New LG G5 cases show a new rear camera layout

New LG G5 cases have pictured a radically altered back panel layout, indicating not only dual cameras but a rear fingerprint sensor.

We’ve previously stated in Bandwidth Blog On Air that we’re huge fans of LG’s diverse yet uniform design language – now, leaked LG G5 cases show impending changes to the design of the company’s flagship phone.
Leaked LG G5 cases show a radically redesigned back panel that does away with LG’s signature back buttons in favour of what would appear to be a fingerprint sensor and a dual camera setup.
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The camera elements consist of a dual flash setup with two cameras, lightly to assist in editing focus detail post-capture. Beneath that enclosure, shaped in a T which appears to extend outside of the rear panel in a housing reminiscent of the Samsung Galaxy S6’s came unit, lies a single round rear fingerprint scanner.
Previously, we’ve heard rumours that not only will the LG G5 sport a redesigned back panel, but will further include a unique slide-out battery compartment.
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