Top 5: Reasons why Windows Phone is better

The runt of the litter is often the best dog; We walk through 5 reasons why Windows Phone is better than Android or iOS…

To beat the likes of Android and iOS, Windows Phone admittedly has its work cut out for it. The fledgling operating system – now officially Windows 10 Mobile – has seen slow growth and even slower app uptake when compared to the former two giants of the smartphone world. However, this doesn’t mean that Windows Phone isn’t the best mobile operating system around.
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Here, we list 5 reasons why Windows Phone is better:
Reasons why Windows Phone is better

Universal apps

iOS and Android all have third party apps, and plenty of them at that. Where Windows Phone has forever been maligned is the lack of quality third party apps on the platform. While there have been brief glimpses of hope, the Windows App Store remains dissapointingly sparse. However, Windows Phone boasts something neither iOS nor Android have; Universal Apps.
Universal Apps allows consumers invested in the Windows system to enjoy the same apps on mobile as they would on desktop, in-between a multitude of different devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. This not only means Windows apps are consistent across a wide variety of platforms, but should one app work on mobile, it’ll work on the desktop. For consumers who’re on the go or use more than one device, this not only means an easy flow of data, but a consistent experience which is easy to jump right into.
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Reasons why Windows Phone is better

A lighter, quality operating system

iOS, unsurprisingly, is only available on iPhones and iPads, and Android, while ubiquitous, was designed with high-profile premium devices in mind. This amounts to a seriously neglected area of the market; the low-to-mid range. While devices might be plentiful, quality is sparse. Thankfully, Windows Phone can function beautifully on even the most unequipped of devices; performing amicably on budget phones such as the Lumia 535 and as smoothly on powerful flagships such as the Lumia 950 and 950 XL.
This, thankfully, means one needn’t have to fork over any considerable amount of money to be able to enjoy the platform, and that the product experience of the operating system remains the same across not only the lowliest of budget devices but also premium flagships. For the next billion set to come online, Windows Phone is an easy gateway to get there.
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Reasons why Windows Phone is better

Camera technology

The major draw of buying an iPhone or a premium Android phone might be the camera experience, but nothing quite comes close to the Lumia camera experience offered by Microsoft’s mobile range. Camera technology across the board is well-rounded and optimized, and offers bang for one’s buck; even the cheapest Windows Phone devices are equipped with a Manual mode.
In-between camera results which bring great detail, amicable saturation and friendly colour reproduction, Windows Phone makes it easy to take great shots time and time again.
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Reasons why Windows Phone is better

The biggest draw of owning a new Windows 10 Mobile device is Continuum; Microsoft’s new technology that allows devices to stretch into new roles. While fully-fledged Windows 10 devices such as the Surface Pro 4 can transform seamlessly from a laptop into a tablet, new Windows Phones – courtesy of Microsoft’s Display Dock – can not only function as great daily drivers, but further can double as a basic laptop experience.
For consumers on the go, this is the easiest and most portable form of mobile computing, and one at that which puts the full grunt of a Lumia device towards desktop use rather than a simple mobile experience. Microsoft here isn’t merely setting trends; it’s breaking them all over again.
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Reasons why Windows Phone is better


Microsoft’s core services might now be available across other platforms, but nothing comes close to emulating the classic feel of not only Office on Windows Phone, but further making use of OneDrive to sync your digital life. Windows 10 Mobile makes it even easier to seamlessly share media files, documents, and app data across a wide variety of apps and situations.
iCloud might be the buzzword, but OneDrive does it better; Windows Phone, through continuum and a native focus on Microsoft’s own business apps, make this an executive’s dream. Move over, BlackBerry.
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