The LG G5 is the most interesting phone in years

Without a shadow of a doubt, the LG G5 is the most interesting phone in years. Could it also be the most important? Introducing, LG‘s Friends

It‘s a cliché, but it‘s true ““ the tech industry moves incredibly quickly. But does it really, though?
Over the last several years, have we made any real changes to the formula? Have there been any real experiments that worked out that were as off the wall as the LG G5? We think not.
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At Mobile World Congress this year, a slew of new devices have been released, with nothing other than the G5 really standing out. This has been the case for years, as well. No one is willing to push the boundaries anymore, especially the settled manufacturers that are making money. They are playing it safe because they have no reason to innovate anymore.
LG have decided not to be part of this game and they have released a new iteration of their G line, which we have loved for years, in a completely new package. Even though the LG G4 was our favourite device of 2015 (as we discussed in our Best Flagships of 2015 podcast below), and were a critical success, they couldn‘t get it off the shelves.
Unlike its forebears, the G5 grew smaller rather than larger, and LG added features judiciously rather than as a matter of gimmicks for advertising purposes. The new phone is built around a 5.3-inch, 2560x1440pixel LCD display similar at least in specification to the one LG has used in previous years on the G3 and G4, but beyond that screen it‘s changes all the way around.
It will come with 4GB of RAM, a Snapdragon 820 processor, dual camera setup at the back with a 16MP alongside an 8MP camera and a 2,800 mAh battery. Those specs aren‘t what makes the LG G5 the most interesting phone in years, however.
LG have vowed to keep innovating, and the G5 is no different where the entire base of the G5 slides out to reveal the battery. That modular battery design means the G5 can also be upgraded with additional modules that plug into the lower portion of the screen, which LG have dubbed Friends.
For LG, the Friends accessories have already paid off, whether they turn out to be any good or not. Their augmentations have allowed the company to produce a brilliantly focused device, and they’ve also propelled LG’s name into the Mobile World Congress limelight in a very interesting way ““ perhaps more so than ever before.
In the search of fewer gimmicks and more functional innovation, LG have hit the mark. They are basking in the glow of widespread approval because of renewed thinking about both function and form, and innovation above repetition. The design might be polarising, but the premise and the execution is not.
What makes it the most interesting phone in years is that the so-called “œinnovator hype“ is not an illusion, unlike what we‘ve seen from other companies in the past. While it may not translate into immediate sales, it builds brand goodwill among consumers and critics alike. Should continue down the path it’s started with the G5, we hope and believe technology shoppers are likely to reward it in the long run.

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