Star Wars drones are defending Episode VIII's film sets

Episode VIII film sets are being protected from snooping journalists and fans alike by an unorthodox means; a fleet of Star Wars drones.

Last year, intense media and fan speculation almost drove director JJ Abrams to consider deploying means of chasing away unwanted attention on the film sets of The Force Awakens. Now, as Episode VIII has begun filming, a series of Star Wars drones has been deployed to maintain order across the galaxy…
A Croatian Website, MosCroatia, has reported that a drone detail has been dispatched during filming in Dubrovnik, a tourist destination in the southern part of the country. While nearly six hundred guards are already on location, the skies above are occupied by a team of remote control drones.
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We sure hope there are no disintegrations.
The drones themselves are monitored remotely, and are capable of offering on-the-fly (quite literally) video footage of any trespasser who dares too close to the set.
This leads us only to speculate; could a clone army defend the sets of Episode XI? Be sure to let us know your thoughts in the comments below!