Android N preview reveals potential new 'VR Mode'

A new developer preview of Google’s next update to its mobile OS has revealed the possible existence of an Android N VR mode.

In amongst a multitude of new features found in the second developer preview of Android N, ArsTechnica has found new system processes pointing to the possible existence of an Android N VR mode.
The present indication is that the services discovered so far are set to either enable Android apps to bear a VR mode, or, more as a more unlikely possibility, will offer VR access through the entirety of the OS.
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ArsTechnica reports that two new processes have been found by navigating to Settings – Apps – Configure Apps – Special Access – VR helper services.
The supposition is that the “VR helper services” will function similarity to the “Notification Access” screen which allows Android Wear to receive notifications from a smartphone. Potentially, the processes behind such services would be aimed at enabling new VR functionality in existing Android apps.
Further, it is reported that a permissions warning details that “(an app) will be able to run when you are using applications in virtual reality mode.”
Were Google actively pushing Android towards virtual reality uses, now marks an interesting time to do so. Many manufacturers (such as Samsung and Huawei, among others) have begun to produce their own VR headsets, while Google itself only sells Cardboard headsets.
There have been few indications that Google itself is actively working on its own VR headset, despite the fact that the company recently rolled out a virtual reality section in its online store. The idea that Google would instead market Cardboard as a low-cost alternative to a VR headset is inspiring, but as yet, uncertain.
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Source: ArsTechnica