Google unveils Duo and Allo, its new chat apps

Google took to the stage at I/O 2016 to unveil Duo and Allo; it’s two newest chat apps with respectively centre on video-calling and instant messaging.

Ready for two new chat apps? Google thinks you are. At I/O 2016, the company unveiled two new mobile apps in the form of Duo and Allo.
Allo is Google’s answer to the likes of WhatsApp or BlackBerry Messenger, and sports integration with Google Assistant.
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Above and beyond a standard feature set shared with rival chat apps, Allo introduces contextual search and messages through Google’s search function and knowledge base.
Users will be able to exchange Snapchat-style images with one another, and will be able to send smart replies to text messages and even images using technology first employed on Google Inbox.
Further, Allo will support secure messages through the use of encryption as well as ‘Incognito chats’, will allow users to set self-destructing messages in a special chat view similar to Chrome’s Incognito mode.
Duo takes the form of Google’s answer to Apple’s FaceTime, and is set to function as a video calling app.
Duo introduces a new feature named ‘Knock Knock’, which is aimed at redressing the potential intrusion a user might feel at receiving a call.
‘Knock Knock’ allows the recipient of a call to see a video preview of the caller, providing context as to the nature of the message. Demoing the feature, Google’s Vice President Dave Burke made received a call from his daughters in which he was able to see a video preview of both of them prior to answering.
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Duo and Allo are set to be released toward the end of the year aboard both Android and iOS.
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