Google Home is your new homebound control centre

Fresh off the stage from I/O 2016 is Google Home; a new control centre for connected homes from the world’s largest search company.

Google have previously been rumoured to be creating a rival to Amazon’s Echo in the form of ‘Project Chirp’. Now, at I/O, the company has taken the wraps off its new control centre, named Google Home.
The company’s Vice President of Product Management, Mario Quieroz unveiled the product on stage, citing it as “A beautiful smart voice enabled assistant for the whole family”.
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Google Home comes with the premise of connecting smart home devices, integrating with Chromecast players, and tapping into Google’s enormous knowledge base through Search.
Queiroz cited that “Google Now will allow users to enjoy music throughout your entire house, manage tasks effortlessly, and find out what you want to know.”
Google demonstrated a video at I/O, which depicted a modern family making use of the centre to control media playback across multi-room speakers and television sets through Chromecast.
Further, the video depicted Home’s ability to provide contextual answers to questions either through search or from relevant information from a user’s account; demonstrating an ability to not only pull complex information in the style of Viv, but further provide heads-up information such as area traffic and calendar events.
Google Home further incorporates support for tasks, and sports integration with the company’s line of Next connected gadgets. The device will further include a built-in speaker for media playback.
Home comes as part of Google’s foray into living rooms everywhere, and is set to go head to head with Amazon’s Echo unit towards the end of the year.
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