Uber's RUSH API will let anyone deliver their products through its service

Uber has announced that its new RUSH API will allow developers to integrate the option to deliver physical products through Uber drivers in their apps.

Uber has announced its plans to open its new RUSH API to developers; meaning that websites and apps will soon be able to let their physical products be delivered by Uber drivers.
UberRUSH, as the nascent delivery service is officially named, is part of the company’s new plan to not only become the world’s largest and most prominent transport service, but further a stand-out delivery service against the likes of Amazon or Google.
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Uber’s vision is simple: small and large businesses alike can integrate with UberRUSH through the newly opened RUSH API. From there, consumers who wish to purchase physical products from such businesses have the option to have their items delivered on the same day by an Uber driver for a courier’s fee.
Uber claims a one-hour delivery service, and early adopters such as Rent the Runway and Eat Street in the US have expressed their intent to integrate with the company’s new RUSH API.
Presiding over the news, Calvin Lee, Uber’s Product Manager, stated that “We are taking a lot of large strides forward in terms of working with businesses and understanding what their needs are… Traditionally we’ve been a consumer-focused company… Here we are building a product specifically for businesses.”
UberRUSH, which originally started as a bike courier service in Manhattan, officially launched in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco in October of 2015.
While we have yet to receive notification when Uber’s RUSH API or services will reach South Africa, we envision a hefty challenge for the likes of Wumdrop, Picup or Mr Delivery.
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Source: Uber Newsroom