Google is reportedly developing its first non-Nexus phone

Rumours indicate that Google could be developing a smartphone set to its design and software standards outside of the Nexus banner.

For years Android die-hards have pined for the appearance of a near-stock device. While Motorola and Google’s Nexus range has largely sated that demand, we could be about to see a new breed of smartphone designed to Google’s manufacturing and software standards before year end.
Google places its Nexus devices at the epicentre of partnerships; for instance, Huawei and LG produced the Nexus 6P and 5X respectively. The upcoming device in question would allegedly do without such a partnership and would instead be entirely the work of Google.
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In fact, this advent has been foreshadowed in the past; the Pixel C Android tablet was one such example where the Mountain View company assumed direct control.
While Google hasn’t proceeded to comment so far, recent remarks made by the company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, could indicate that this could be a future trend for the company.
Recently, Pichai quipped that Google would be more ‘opinionated’ about smartphone design; a statement that potentially paves the way for the company to become more involved with Android’s hardware partners.
Google’s interference wouldn’t stop at hardware, in any case; the company has posited that it might publish its ‘naughty list’ of Android partners which are slow to introduce new versions of the operating system to their devices.
From all indication, it would seem that Google is becoming significantly more invested in the direction of Android, which it previously let its hardware partners assume the responsibility of growing. It remains to be seen whether the news might alienate any of the partners in question; not that there’s truly another ship to jump to with the slow demise of Windows Phone.
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