Renders reveal Google's new Nexus phone

Leaked renders have depicted Google’s new Nexus devices ahead of their official launch, revealing an all-new Google-centric design.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, is a man on a mission. After mentioning his desire to execute Apple-like control of future Nexus devices, new leaks have revealed that the company’s newest flagship phones follow that direction to a tee.
While it is presently unclear as to which Nexus device the leaked images could represent – HTC has been tipped to produce two new devices this year, while Huawei is reportedly in charge of another – the leak could, in fact, depict a Google-produced smartphone instead.
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Earlier this month, we reported that Google is rapidly investigating and developing its own Android phone without integrating a hardware partner aboard. Traditionally, Nexus devices have been placed at the epicenter of partnerships between Google and manufacturers such as HTC, Huawei, or LG.
The leaked renders depict a sleek aluminum unibody design that would reportedly arrive in three different colours; silver, black, and ‘electric’ blue.
Of interest, the renders depict a greatly reduced camera bump, which the LG produced 5X and the Huawei produced 6P both possessed. Reportedly, the incoming batch of Nexus devices will both share a rear fingerprint scanner and will feature a Google logo on the bottom rear panel instead of traditional branding.
It is widely expected that we could see an abundance of Nexus devices this year should early product leaks prove accurate. The fact that both Huawei and HTC have been tipped to produce a device, in addition to Google’s own, leaves us to speculate that we could see upwards of three Nexus devices by the end of this year.
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