Sony launches a new receiver that supports CarPlay and Android Auto

Sony’s new XAV-AX100 aftermarket reciever supports both CarPlay and Android Auto, enabling it to work with a majority of modern smartphones.

If you thought choosing between an iPhone or Android device was hard, take a minute to consider how difficult the choice is between a good aftermarket reciever and a Car Play or Android Auto unit; your platform of preference and chosen platform compound a tough decision. Thankfully, Sony has stepped in with its newest aftermarket receiver, the XAV-AX100.
True, it has a god-awful name. Chew that one over. But what Sony’s new reciever does have is a 6.4″ display with Bluetooth, support for a rear view camera and – wait for it – support for both Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto.
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The good news is that the XAV-AX100 is one of the cheapest offerings on the Car Play/Android Auto market, coming in at a retail price of $499 USD.
While some expensive aftermarket recievers might come with more bells or whistles, Sony’s newest offering is built on the principle of choice; something which hasn’t yet been offered to anyone searching for a relatively affordable cross-platform solution.
The XAV-AX100 comes armed with a solitary USB port, which is found on its rear panel and might be difficult to get to. However, we imagine its extant features and double-entendre between Android Auto and CarPlay would offset that difficulty.
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Sony has confirmed that the unit will begin selling in the United States towards the end of the year in November. The unit is unlikely to make its way into South Africa, but if you do happen to get your hands on one, let us know!
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