Samsung suspends all Galaxy Note 7 pre-orders in South Africa

Samsung has elected to suspend all pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Africa as a result of its global recall of the device.

If you were hoping to get your hands on Samsung’s newest powerhouse anytime soon, we’re got bad news. Samsung has suspended all pre-orders of the Galaxy Note 7 in South Africa following the company’s global recall of the device.
Controversy erupted several weeks ago when reports trickled in that some Galaxy Note 7 devices had spontaneously combusted; one consumer in the United States has reported that his device, after exploding, set his car alight and totaled the vehicle.
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Samsung have launched a full investigation and are in the process of managing a worldwide recall. The Korean company has stated that it will replace any Note 7 purchased up until this point in time with a new, safe device.
The Galaxy Note 7 was originally set to launch in South Africa on the 2nd of September, and was later pushed back to the 23rd of December.
It remains unclear as to when the Note 7 will officially land on our shores. Samsung South Africa has stated that it will provide new information as it is released from the company’s Korean headquarters.
The move is a massive blow to the country on an international scale; the controversy leaves the firm unable to respond to the threat of Apple’s new smartphones, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus which it announced on the 7th of September.
Still, rather safe than sorry. We’ll provide further coverage as the situation develops – with any luck, we’ll have a (safe) device in our hands sooner rather than later.
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